Early voting started today for the November 3rd election, and ends Friday, October 30th. You can vote at any library, Christ United Methodist Church, Carpenter Park Rec Center, Collin College Spring Creek Campus and the Plano ISD Administration building. Go here for specifics on early voting locations and times.


It’s an easy ballot for Plano residents as we’re only voting on seven state referendums. Here’s what you’ll find on the ballot:

State Propositions:

Prop 1: Property Taxes
Increases the homestead exemption on school property taxes to $25,000 from $15,000. This would go into effect on 2015 tax bills. more info

Prop 2: Taxes for Veterans’ Spouses
Adds surviving spouses of disabled military veterans to a 2011 constitutional amendment that fully exempted the homes of disabled military veterans from state property taxes. more info

Prop 3: Where Officials Can Live
Allows statewide elected officials to live outside Austin. more info

Prop 4: Pro-Sports Raffles
Allows professional sports teams to conduct charitable raffles with cash prizes during events. The winner takes home half the pot with the rest going to the charity. more info

Prop 5: Road-Building Rules
Expands an earlier amendment allowing counties with populations fewer than 5,000 to build roads on private land to populations under 7,500. About 20 counties are affected. more info

Prop 6: The Right to Hunt and Fish
Guarantees Texans the right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife by adding those rights to the Texas Constitution’s Bill of Rights. The measure would also designate hunting and fishing as “preferred methods of managing and controlling wildlife.” more info

Prop 7: Sales and Use Tax Revenue for Transportation
Supplies funding to the State Highway Fund via excess revenue from two sources: the sales and use tax and state motor vehicle sales and rental tax. The funds collected could only be used to build, maintain and restore non-tolled public roads and repay transportation-related debt. more info