It’s election time! Early voting has started for the March 1st election which includes a bunch of Texas-specific votes as well as the Presidential primary. It’s important to get out there and vote. Look up your precinct here, then check this page for a sample ballot for your precinct. You will vote with either a Democratic or Republican Party ballot.


In addition to the Presidential primary we’ll be voting on our U.S. House Representative, Texas Railroad Commissioner, three places on the Texas Supreme Court, three places on the Court of Criminal Appeals, a State Representatives, two judges on the 5th Court of Appeals District and County Chairman. These people all make an impact on your life, so take some time to learn who will be on your ballot. A great place to learn more about the candidates is the Collin County League of Women Voters. They have several voter guides on the site that provide info on each role and each candidate.

You can wait until March 1st, or take the easy route and vote early at any library branch, plus a bunch of other spots. For all the locations go here.