The completely updated Jack Carter Pool is scheduled to open Saturday, July 9th.


Pool layout from David McCaskill Design Group dated 4/17/15. For the original PDF click here

It looks like they are making good progress on this project.


According to the plans posted May 15, 2015 the new pool area involve a “complete replacement of Jack Carter Pool at a new location on the south side of Jack Carter Park with an emphasis on recreational amenities” and include the following:

  • Deep water pool with climbing wall
  • Flow rider
  • Tot pool
  • Leisure pools
  • Shade structures
  • Lazy river
  • Long tandem and single-rider slides
  • Lap pool

It looks like they’ve budgeted $4 million for this project so far, with the total cost to be determined.  They’ve also budgeted $950,000 for “removal of the existing pool and replacement with park features including a pavilion, pond and playground” and $975,000 for “demolition of existing athletic field facilities at the new pool site along with funding for site work needed to accommodate the new pool.”


The current pool was built in 1981 and has some design and site issues.  It was closed in 2014.  The Plano City Council approved $7.5 million for the project.   Read more about why the pool was closed here.

Jack Carter Pool
2601 Pleasant Valley Dr, Plano map