Ah…the beach!  So relaxing, so beautiful, and such a pain in the butt with babies and toddlers!  Sand everywhere, the water is too cold, juggling nap time, too much sun, whatever.  It takes planning and patience to enjoy the beach with really young kids – but it can be done!  Here are some tips from the moms:
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Sun tent with a floor, swim shirt, beach shoes they like that are easy on/off

Don’t expect this to be like any beach trip you’ve taken before. There is no lying around soaking up the rays! Chances are it will be too bright for their little eyes and they will hate the feeling of sand all over them. They will eat it and be very mad at you for letting that happen too. Pools are pretty good detractors so focus on the pool area for splashing fun. If you go set with the knowledge that it is not going to be a typical “vacation” for you it will be fine. Take turns on nap duty and you might get an hour or so of reading in before they are ready to play some more.

Umbrellas, a blow-up kiddie pool, buckets & tub toys under the umbrella where he can play.

We just went and we got to sit/ run around on the beach about 2hrs everyday. The rest of the time we were at the pool or making the 100th trip back up to the condo for snacks/juice/toys/naps! hahaha! I can’t wait for next year though! A bad day at the beach still beats a good day at home!

Bottled water to rinse sand off of little feet, rubber swim diaper (some hotel/condo pools do not allow disposables), and everything else mentioned above!

We just got back, and the best thing we did was take a cheap small play tent that we could set up and take down each day on the beach. Our toddler didn’t like the sand (unlike his older brother who always loved the sand even as a baby), so he had fun playing in his tent, plus it kept the sun off of him.  Also, baby powder works SO WELL for getting sand off hands. We took a big bottle and used it constantly everytime he wanted a snack or drink.

All great suggestions above. Our delight was finding a 1st floor condo near the pool. We could put the monitor on the gated patio while baby was napping so adults & older kids could be in pool. Found w VRBO.com Good Luck!

We just got home from taking our 3yo and 9mo old…plus 8 other kids bt ages of 9 and 1 yr. We spent every day on the beach and virtually no time in the pool. We took old bed sheets and put down on the sand for the littlest ones, took a small blow up pool, put up a shade canopy, etc… But the best things we did were bring lots if beach toys and play WITH them.. Get in the water with them, etc.

Stay someplace where you can sit on a balcony or outside your room during naps (bring a baby monitor) and after bedtime. Walk-in closets make great rooms for babies!

The condo owners on VRBO.com have always laughed at me when I call to ask whether their closets are big enough for the pack-n-play, but the walk-in closets totally work for little ones and save a lot of money on the condo selection!

So glad to know that I am not the only one that puts my little ones in the big closets! Blow up pool is a must!

Mini-pool, big tent, and maybe even the pack n play for naps if you like staying out for a while.

Take baby powder- it gets sand off their hands & legs easily.

Don’t do it ha ha! No I’m kidding just be prepared for some schedule upset. Ditto the beach tent for babies and spray sunblock for body, stick for face, and a huge hat. Bring plenty of snacks for baby bc a lot of places at the beach don’t have good finger food options for a little one.

We took our then 9 month old last September (along with 2 others under a year old and 7 more between the ages of 3 and 9–obviously more than one family). It was really pretty easy. We took old bed sheets to lay on the sand and let her play/sleep on that under a pop up canopy. We also took a small inflatable pool for her to play in on the beach. Our daughter played/cat napped for a few hours in the mornings, then had lunch and a nap midday inside then played for a couple of hours longer after that.

A blow up baby pool. Keep it dry and relatively sand free. Or add a few buckets of water. But putting them directly on the sand results in mouthfuls of sand and shells. And in the eyes. Made this mistake w my firstborn. Took the baby pool advice w my son two years later and it was soooooooo much more fun. And not as much to carry as a pack n play or stroller. Just deflate it and throw it back in your beach bag. Good luck.