The phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things” comes to mind when I think about buying new furniture.  I think about how beautiful it looks in the store and then the reality of my actual life comes to mind and I start to question the purchase.  Why should I buy something so perfect when it’s only going to get banged up in my real life? Then I’m going to be frustrated and upset with whoever wrecked it (myself included).  So sometimes we opt to buy things that are already worn in.  This is what I was expecting when I popped into The Consignerie in Plano, but that’s not what I found.

photo 1

What I found was a store very full of beautiful, high-end furniture and accessories.  Nothing there looked “worn in” but many pieces did look very old.  Upholstered pieces, tables and chairs, bookcases, artwork, grandfather clocks, mirrors and more (even a collection of ceramic chickens and two saddle bar stools).  If you love beautiful things and are in the market for something new (to you) and definitely different, check this place out.

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The Consignerie
4017 Preston Rd.
Plano, TX