My tween is really into military history, and thinks he wants to be a “military engineer” when he grows up, so we take him to all sorts of museums, air shows and army surplus stores.  For his 10th birthday we took him to the WWII Museum in New Orleans, which was an amazing trip (read about it here).  Today I took my boys, and a friend, to The Army Store in Dallas.  It was a big hit.  If you have kids interested in the military, I definitely recommend it.


The boys dug through all the various bags (I’ll let you use your imagination on the conversations regarding the “dump” bags), badges, MREs, hats and more.  There were a lot of interesting conversations regarding the use of various items, and their value relative to the price (my tween is big on value).

IMG_2514.JPG IMG_2513.JPG

We laughed a lot. How can you not when you’re with your kids? And I sent the photo of the target below to my husband – zombie businessman! Those are bills floating around behind him – they would make great targets.



The boys had a great time, and everyone bought something (with their own money).  Our friend purchased a grenade-shaped key ring pouch, my tween got captain pins for his helmet (thankfully the gas masks were $100, or I’d have him running around the neighborhood wearing one) and an American flag patch, and my little kid scored a bag for his Nerf ammunition, that he can attach to a belt loop.  Everyone left happy.

IMG_2515.JPG IMG_2501.JPG

Yes, I am a #boymom, and I might need to watch a Chick Flick tonight to balance this out, but they really enjoyed it.  Any other Army surplus stores we should check out?

The Army Store
10606 Garland Road, Dallas map