I really love the meat and fish counters at Central Market.  And the coffee and wine samples don’t suck either.  My big kid loves to run the produce scales and my little kid loves the free balloon, samples and the playground.  The last time we went he had an agenda (in order): balloon, food, gelato, playground.


If you’re looking for a spot to eat with small children Central Market has everything you need…except a liquor license so you could enjoy a glass of wine while the play!  Grab a snack or a treat (cookies and gelato) and something from the coffee bar, or get lunch (sandwiches, soup, awesome sushi and more).  They have a large seating area inside, a covered seating area outside and more tables next to the playground.


The playground is fenced in except the entrance, and there is rubber mulch.  Go on a nice day and your child is bound to make a new friend!  Don’t you just love an errand that can be a playdate too?


Central Market
320 Coit Rd.
Plano, TX