A mom-to-be asked for recommendations on area day care centers on the PAM Facebook page, and she got lots of recommendations.  This post contains mom recommendations for full-time (5 days/week, all day) childcare centers that start with infants.  If you’re looking for part-time care or full-time care for a toddler check out the Mother’s Day Out and Preschools post.

Two great tips from moms:

  • first check out Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and search for violations. That’s how I narrowed my search.
  • Tour the facility, check it out on the dfps website (that is who licenses/governs them), & ask questions….The providers are required to do a certain amount of training. If the director was dinged for being delinquent in training, chances are the staff is also. How quickly did they correct issues they were dinged for? Have they been dinged for kids being out of sight of a provider? Leaving a child in a vehicle? Etc.  Look around when you tour-are there cameras & where? Are they audio & visual? Is there a website you can log in & see the room your child is in? Schefule? Turn over rate of employees (bc of pay rate, usually on the high side, however, don’t want it every week or 2)?


Creme de la Creme
5516 W. Plano Pkwy, Plano
1207 W. McDermott Dr, Allen
9375 Legacy Dr, Frisco
infants – kindergarten
We loved it. And we visited daycares when I was about 8.5 months pregnant

Little Marvels Montessori
2798 McDermott Rd, Plano
6 weeks – 10 years
We could not be happier with little marvels Montessori. My two year old can count to 15, knows most of her letters, knows every color and is very happy in her loving and caring day care environment. Highly recommend LMM.

Preston Park Montessori
1900 Preston Park Blvd, Plano
Preston Creek Montessori
5040 Commonsgate Blvd, Plano
both are 6 weeks – 6 years

  • We love Preston Park Montessori on Park and Preston.
  • Preston Creek Montessori has been awesome! They have two campuses, ours is at Preston and Spring Creek.

Willow Bend Learning Center
3900 West Park Blvd, Plano
6 weeks – 5 years

  • I highly recommend Willow Bend learning center on Park and Coit. Our daughter been there now for almost 5 years and she’s way ahead of everybody. They have a very loving environment and every teacher knows every child and every parent who walks through the door.
  • I always recommend Willowbend Learning Center. My son went there for 3 years and he had an amazing experience. They take 6 weeks to pre-k
  • I vote against Willow Bend Learning Center as well. When I was touring day cares, they were the only one that wouldn’t let me have a drop-in tour AT ALL. Said it must be scheduled as an appointment with the director. I couldn’t even just walk around the hallways accompanied by a staff to peek in the room windows. Super shady! The atmosphere there seemed very weird too and I remember feeling yucky running out of that place. Glad I didn’t sent my baby there!! 
  • DO NOT USE WBLC! I have far better ones than WBLC! long list of reasons and I was there for 2.5 years but I had to call the city for various complaints and then walked out with my kids and never returned. the the director is absolutely horrible and yells at her teachers. please PM for details but if I hope to help any family stay away from there based on what I went through with this comment. we are at an absolutely amazing school now and I wish I would have started my kids at this school rather than WBLC. PM for details! 

Merryhill School Frisco
6850 Gaylord Pkwy, Frisco
6 weeks – 6 years
Merryhill School McKinney
6050 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney
6 weeks – preK

The Cambridge Academy
8104 Coit Road & 2200 Midway Road, Plano
6 weeks – kindergarten

TLC Schools
5301 Democracy Dr & 5200 Hedgcoxe Rd, Plano
6 weeks – kindergarten

  • Both my boys have been at TLC on Hedgcoxe for year. Ms Kelly in the infant room is great with the babies. No wait as far as I know. But would be good to tour and feel really comfortable first.
  • I really liked TLC (preston and hedgcox) I didn’t end up taking my kids there, but wish I had. We were torn between 2 places and chose the other only because they taught Chinese. I’ve looked at many places and so far TLC was my favorite.

Primrose Schools
several area locations
infant – kindergarten
I was the assistant director at Primrose School of Chase Oaks and had several teachers come from that school with horror stories. I would stay far away from that school! Go here and look up anything that they have been written up for.

Ava’s Place Child Development Center
formerly St. Mark’s
I love love love it my 15 month old has been there since 11 weeks. Most teachers have been there almost 10 years. Very low turnover rate. Great staff

Children’s Learning Adventure
Open in West Plano and Allen, coming soon to McKinney
Great experience at summer camp so far and planning after school care there too. 

The Grove School
6800 Independence Parkway, Plano

  • The Grove School is wonderful.
  • We love the Grove in Plano!!!! So sweet & caring! And our 4yr old has learned so much there! 

Seay Childcare Center (managed by Bright Horizons)
6100 West Parker Road, Plano (at Presby Plano hospital)
It has been great for my 2 kids. It is open to the public (you don’t have to work at the hospital). Also, they have extended hours (open til 7:30 pm every week day) and sick care, in case you need it.