The Plano ISD Board of Trustees is considering rezoning three areas to address current/future overcrowding issues.  This will be discussed at the March 1st school board meeting at 7pm at the Plano ISD Administration Building Board Room, 2700 West 15th St, Plano. You can fill out a public comment card before the meeting if you’d like to speak.

Part of the Brinker Elementary area would shift to Haun Elementary due to overcrowding at Brinker. Brinker enrollment in late October was 749 and the school capacity is 768.


The area under consideration is bounded on the east by Preston Road, on the south by Spring Creek Parkway, on the west by Parkwood Boulevard and on the north by the district boundary. The school board is also considering moving this area from Renner Middle School to Robinson Middle School and from Shepton High School to Jasper High School to maintain a consistent feeder pattern. They will also consider giving current fourth, seventh and ninth grade students the option to remain at Brinker, Renner and Shepton for one more year, with parents providing transportation.

They want to shrink the Aldridge Elementary zone and make the President George Bush Turnpike the northern boundary. There are currently no homes in the area under consideration but several developments are planned.

Mendenhall Elementary is growing and they expect it to be overcrowded Fall 2017 with the current boundaries. The area between Plano Parkway and Renner Road in the southern portion of the Mendenhall zone will be home to several thousand apartments as the City Line and adjacent developments are built out.  Forman Elementary is adjacent and is currently at only 63% capacity, so they want to move the area bounded on the east by Jupiter Road, on the south by Renner Road, on the west by the DART rail line and on the north by Plano Parkway from the
Mendenhall/Otto/Williams zone to the Forman/Armstrong/McMillen zone. They will also discuss allowing all students currently enrolled to stay at their current school, with parents providing transportation.

You can read the full details here and see a map here.