It’s always the monkey bars, right?

So I’m at the Kiwanis Butterfly Festival and the school calls.  Don’t you cringe when you see that?  It’s always forgotten homework or the call you really don’t want – the school nurse.  Today it was my kindergartener.  He fell on the monkey bars and landed on his arm.  She didn’t think it was broken, and he wasn’t upset, but she was concerned there still might be something wrong.  So I called our pediatricians, who thankfully could fit us right in, then went straight to school.

When I got there he was very unhappy.  Apparently he had just felt like he was going to throw up and started crying.  He was very sad and quiet.  He wasn’t sure if he had hit his head, and no adult saw him fall. They got his bag and we left.


The school nurse had given him a splint, ace bandage and ice pack.  That definitely helped.  The doctor did some basic squeeze tests, talked with him about how he fell and felt, and checked his head.  She said we should get an x-ray, so we went off to Plano Pediatric Imaging.  I hope you never have to go there, but it was bright and cheery and the staff was very nice.  We didn’t have to wait too long.

BxrayThey sent the x-rays to the pediatricians, and gave me a copy.  It took a little bit, but a nurse called and let us know his arm is fine.  Phew!  That could have ended so differently.  In fact, a high school friend just posted on Facebook that her kindergartener fell and broke his arm on the monkey bars today.  Childhood sure can be rough at times…thankfully not too often!