I became a mom in 2003 and the following year I started helping to run CharlotteMommies.com, a locally-focused mom discussion board with events and a charitable focus. It wasn’t long before I was helping to run CMs non-profit parent organization, The Mommies Network. I helped to open 100 locally-focused mom websites across the country. In 2008 my family moved to Little Rock due to job changes that came from the recession, then in 2010 we moved to Memphis and I founded EastMemphisMoms.com in 2011, just six months after we arrived. Today EMM is hugely successful (I still own and manage this site) and I’m so proud.

In 2014 another job change sent us to Texas, and we’ve really enjoyed it here. My kids are thriving and we’re all spoiled with all the options that come from living in a more populated area. I founded PlanoAreaMoms to achieve mom website success again. While the site is popular, I’ve gotten no joy from it. My kids are now 8 & 13 and their ideal day involves running around the neighborhood with friends, playing golf, watching football and hanging out. They don’t want to explore Plano with me, so running a mom-focused website just doesn’t fit into my life anymore.

I’m stepping away from this site to focus on something I am passionate about, and that is a part of my daily life – health and fitness. My new website is PlanoHealthandFitness.com.

I’m not selling supplements or shakes, or talking about the best way to do a push up. I’m talking about living an active life and eating well, and finding things to do in Plano that fit this goal, regardless of your age or fitness level. I’m still going to cover kid- and family-focused stuff (I copied about 90 posts from this website onto the new one), but only what fits the “active” or “health” criteria.

I’m excited at this new direction and look forward to all of the great local people I’m going to meet. I hope you’ll join me on my new website, or at least give it a chance, but I get it if you’re not interested, and I’m okay with that.


If you’re just looking for a local mom- or family-focused website I’ve got a bunch of suggestions for you, and if you’d like to buy this website from me send me an email at [email protected] and we’ll talk:

As I make this huge change in my life I am struck by two quotes. One is in my office: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough” and the other is in a Shel Silverstein book my younger son got for Christmas:


So I’m going to be the “did.” This wasn’t a simple or easy decision for me, but since I’ve made it I’ve felt so much lighter, and that’s a very good thing.


A little teary on my birthday last month.

Feeling thankful on my birthday last month.