Have you ever been in a spot where renting out your house was a much better idea than selling it? We did that once, with our house in Charlotte, as the housing market was really bad and we wanted to give it time to recover before we sold. During that time I really came to appreciate our property manager. He clearly explained how the process worked and the rights of landlords and tenants, he helped get some little things fixed quickly, handled the money, and most importantly – got everything fixed when they moved out. He walked through the house with my mom and sister, came up with a list of damages and used the tenants deposit to fix it all. I managed the entire thing from Little Rock, while shopping online for a house in Memphis.  So we lived in a rented house (that we hated) while renting out my house in another state, thankfully never seeing my Charlotte house after the three guys moved out (did you know that the only way to break the hinge on a wall oven is to sit on the door?)


So pick your property manager very carefully, and ask a lot of questions!  Here are some firms Plano-area firms recommended by the moms: