Do you ever reach that point where if you have to do One More Errand you’re totally going to lose it? Especially if you’re dragging around a kid, or two, or more? Or, even better, when your husband goes out of town and you run out of something. Ack! Thankfully we live in an area where lots of stuff can be ordered online and easily picked up, or delivered. Thanks to Klink Delivery you can add one more thing to the list – alcohol!


Klink offers $5 delivery within one hour, with no mark-up, on all 13,000 Total Wine & More products ($20 minimum order). Beer, spirits, wine, soda, mixers, coolers, gift bags and more. Order off their website or app (Apple or Google Play), they text you an estimated delivery time and a link so you to track your driver. If you’d prefer to schedule your order for a future time or date just write that in the delivery instructions.

Obviously you have to be at least 21 years old, and you have to be home to accept delivery. They take orders from 10am – 8pm and add a 10% tip to your order. And new customers can use promo code PlanoAreaMoms to get FREE delivery!

Cheers, moms!