Still working on Halloween costumes? The Spirit Halloween Stores are an awesome spot to find an entire costume, or one or two accessories/make-up to work with what you’ve already got. They’ve got costumes for adults and kids as well as decorations. My kids had a blast at the Preston Village store in Plano (by Total Wine) today (I had to drag them out) and loved being scared by some of the displays. If your kids are easily frightened do yourself a favor and go without them!



Looking for scary decorations for your yard or inside your house? They’ve got a ton of stuff. A lot of it is displayed and working, so you can walk around and experience it for yourself. This is a great way for a slightly scared kid to realize it’s all pretend, as none of it looks real when the lights are on.


Need special glasses, a wig, hair color, a spare arm, facial scar, axe or some other prop? I bet they’ve got it.IMG_3769.JPGIMG_3768.JPG


Tons of signs, for Halloween or maybe just to hang in your tweens room as it’s scary in there. We have a “toxic waste” sign in the kid bathroom at our house.




Patriots vs. Colts tonight. Go Pats!


Lots of interactive outdoor displays are out for you to enjoy.


It’s a big store!



There are also lots of cute, little kid costumes in the store – just don’t bring your little kid with you if they get scared easily!


Spirit Halloween Stores
Plano, The Colony, North Dallas, McKinney and other DFW locations