I took the kids to Rocket Fizz in Frisco over the weekend.  We had driven by many times and I really wanted to see what it was all about.  It’s a small store packed with retro (and current) candy (not much chocolate), more types of soda that you can imagine, small toys, posters and signs.  We went home with some Sour Patch Kids, a green alligator that burbs, and a Hazardous Waste sign my son hung up in their bathroom.  Nice.

Rocket1aThis is an awesome spot to find something unusual for a Christmas stocking, Easter Basket, Father’s Day, whatever.  Check it out – I guarantee there is something there that will make you smile, maybe even laugh out loud.

Rockett2 Rockett3 Rockett4 Rockett5Rocket Fizz
6009 West Main Street, Frisco