Last weekend I decided to take the boys out for donuts. So we picked someplace we had not been yet – Jarams Donuts on Preston Rd in North Dallas.
The kids picked out some giant donuts, of course, and gobbled them up.  They also sell cronuts (croissant-donuts) there, which looked really good.


This is a small donut shop, but there are two tables inside.  One was full and the other had one older gentleman sitting down, so we asked to join him.  He asked the boys where they went to school and we got talking.  Turns out he’s 80 years old, lives nearby and visits Jarams on weekends.  He was stationed in Germany with the 101st Airborne for two years just after the Korean War, then returned to the U.S. and became a secret service agent for the next 20 years, protecting Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.  He was there when President Kennedy was shot in Dallas.  I felt like we were reading a Humans of New York post, where a friendly looking stranger becomes the most fascinating person.  A good reminder to open up and talk with people.  It’s much more interesting than just playing on your phone all the time.

Jarams Donuts
17459 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX
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