Last summer I took my kids to the Sci-Tech Discovery Center and wanted to treat them to ice cream afterwards.  Thanks to Yelp we ended up at Double Dip Frozen Custard.  We had only been in town for a couple of weeks, and my big kids starts telling me what I should say when I mention this place on my website…which didn’t exist at the time.  I guess after 4 years of running East Memphis Moms they just expect that our experiences will be shared.


I don’t know exactly what “custard” is but it looks and tastes just like regular ice cream, except it already soft and smooth…something my kids typically do on their own with regular ice cream (and I recall doing as a kid as well).  They have a giant menu of mix-ins, shakes, sundaes and special drinks plus hot dogs and sandwiches.


The staff is behind the glass and there are plenty of tables in a sort of “garage” area.  The place feels a bit like an old fashioned soda fountain.  It definitely made the “go back with dad” list!


Double Dip Frozen Custard
7511 Main St
Frisco, TX

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