Moving is tough, especially pregnant!  A mom who is doing both asked for OB/GYN recommendations.  Here’s what the moms on the PAM Facebook page had to say.  Have a recommendation?  Please add it via a comment. For recommended high-risk OB/GYNs see this post.


OB/GYN Associates of North Dallas
6124 West Parker Road, Plano map

  • Dr Randall Burt Plano presby
  • Doctor Roberts at Presbyterian …. Was there to catch my sixth child, lol !!! also , a great pediatrician is Doctor Aaron Kaplan.
  • My OB is dr Roberts and our pedi is dr. Kaplan too! Love them!

Northlake OB/GYN
Presbyterian Plano 6124 West Parker Road, Plano map
Baylor Frisco 5757 Warren Parkway, Frisco map
Medical City Dallas 7777 Forest Lane, North Dallas map

  • Dr Garrett Garner Northlake OBGYN at Plano Presby. They also have a few women doctors who are good too.
  • Dr. Garrett Garner, Northlake OBGYN, is awesome!!
  • Dr. Jennifer Bailey @ Centenial
  • I LOVE Dr. Garrett Garner with Northlake OBGYN and delivered at Plano Presby, I wouldn’t change a thing!!
  • Loved Dr Pendley at Northlake OB/GYN. Delivered at Baylor Frisco and had a wonderful experience.

Frisco Obstetrics and Gynecology
4461 Coit Rd, Frisco map

  • Dr. Petrovoski at Frisco Ob Gyn
  • Frisco OBGYN it’s an all female practice

Catherine Holt, MD
4461 Coit Road, Frisco map
Dr Holt in Frisco is amazing!!!!

Suzette L. Boyd Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility
3010 Legacy Drive, Frisco map
Suzette Boyd. Awesome!!

Plano Healthcare for Women
1600 Coit Road, Plano map
Dr. Gwen Webster. She’s amazing!! In plano!

Plano Women’s Heathcare

  • Dr. Lisa Umholtz – part of Plano medical center
  • Dr. Mos is awesome!!!! I moved here 2 years ago and was in the same boat. Needed an OB because I was 2 months PG. She is so personable! Love her! I’m also a RN, I highly recommend her!
  • Dr. Amy Mos at Plano Women’s Healthcare. They are in the Medical Center of Plano.
  • Dr. Julie DaVolio…at medical center of Plano
  • Love heather Bellanger!

North Texas Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates
5425 West Spring Creek Parkway, Plano map

  • Dr. Julie Vu in Plano! She is wonderful!!!
  • I use Dr. Hsu at the same practice. They are all great and very responsive.
  • I love Dr Nora Hsu. She delivered both my babies. She is located at Spring Creek and Tollway. Delivered both at Medical Center of Plano at 15th and Coit. Fully remodeled rooms.

Personalized Women’s Healthcare
3108 Midway Road, Plano map

  • Dr Fleming, Personalized women’s healthcare near Plano Presby he’s awesome!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Barry Fleming. I had him for 2 of my 3 kiddos and didn’t have him for baby #2 because he didn’t accept my insurance at that time. I started with another doc for #3 because i wanted to see if i would like a woman doc better and ended up switching back to Dr. Fleming at 27 weeks pregnant. One of the biggest reasons i love him is because he sits down next to you and talks to you and actually listens. I did a natural birth with #3 and he was very supportive and listened to exactly what I wanted. I’ve had all 3 babies at plano presby. Such a great hospital!
  • Dr Fleming or Jacoby ( they are partners). I go to Jacoby and love him
  • I also love dr Fleming. I’ve been seeing him for 15 years now and he delivered both my children at Baylor frisco. I’ve recommended 3 patients to him and they all LOVE him.

Women’s Specialists of Plano
3809 West 15th Street, Plano map

  • Dr Darryl Greebon with women’s specialists of plano
  • Dr.Monier is a amazing OB. He is also at woman’s specialists of plano. I had high risk pregnancy with both my sons, a miscarriage, and a tubule pregnancy and he walked through them all with me.
  • Love dr Greebon. Woman’s specialists of plano. Medical city of plano

Woods OB/GYN
6130 West Parker Rd, Plano map

  • Presbyterian of plano is amazing!!! I saw Dr. Christina Woods and loved her and her staff!!! We were pregnant at the same time and might have needed to go to a different doctor closer to delivery but her office ( and others I talked to) assured me that all doctors from there were excellent! It is true about the nurses in labor and delivery. I had a wonderful experience!!! And dr woods ended up delivering my baby girl!!
  • I LOVE Dr. Woods and her office staff are AMAZING! Literally felt comfortable from my 1st visit on! I also took parenting/breastfeeding classes at Plano Presbyterian and loved the educators as well as all of the nurses and the LC’s are awesome. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Texas OB/GYN
Baylor of Frisco 5757 Warren Parkway, Frisco map
Dr Carrie Patterson is wonderful!

Associated Women’s Healthcare
1600 Coit Road, Plano map

  • Dr cindy hartley
  • I agree. Dr. Cindy Hartley! She is great.

Adriatica Women’s Health
6609 Virginia Pkwy, McKinney map
I see Dr Tracey Banks in McKinney at Adriatica Women’s Health. I’ve seen her for ten years and love the entire office.

Craig Ranch OB/GYN
7900 Henneman Way, McKinney map
I was in McKinney but loved all the drs at Craig Ranch OB and had my son at Medical Center of McKinney. L&D was FABULOUS

Women’s Heath Associates of Richardson
2821 E President George Bush Hwy, Richardson map
Dr. Downey (Women’s Health Associates of Richardson) is awesome. I live in E. Plano, so his office is very convenient, and he’s the #1 doctor near Plano that several of my doula friends recommended to me. He’s very down to earth, relaxed, and has a great sense of humor. He’s willing to do VBACs and is good at helping with fertility issues. He delivers at Methodist Richardson.

Frisco Women’s Heath
Baylor of Frisco 5757 Warren Parkway, Frisco map
Love Dr. Weinstein and Baylor Frisco. Excellent if few interventions are wanted.