Need an Obstetrician for a high risk pregnancy? Here are the ones in the Plano-area the moms recommend. For other OB/GYN recommendations see this post.


OB/GYN North Dallas
Presbyterian Plano, 6124 West Parker

  • I highly recommend Dr. Darrell Robins at Presby Plano. I’ve had multiple high risk pregnancies, and he’s wonderful! I’ve spent months in the hospital on bedrest, and the Presby Plano staff were awesome. Further, I’ve had three babies in Presby Plano’s NICU, and they were great, too! Good luck with your decision
  • I would highly recommend Dr Burt at Plano Presby.

Northlake Obstetrics and Gynecology
Presbyterian Plano, 6124 West Parker

  • I had twins and was automatically considered high risk. Courtney Trylovich at presby plano is awesome! My twins were in the NICU there and they are great!
  • Courtney Trylovich is mine also! She delivered my daughter 7 years ago and will be delivering my newborn in three weeks! Love her!
  • LOVE Trylovich, Im not high risk but shes done all of my 4 c/s and is an amazing dr.
  • Dr. Jason Harn

Dr. Kaye OB/GYN
Presbyterian Plano, 6124 West Parker

  • Dr Richard Kaye at Plano Presbyterian . He is the reason my daughter and I are alive. Best bedside manner.

Personalized Women’s Healthcare
3108 Midway Road, Plano

  • Eric Jacoby by presby plano. I’m a nurse and I’ve seen him in action at many deliveries, he also delivered both my babies. I cannot speak highly enough of him.
  • Dr Eric Jacoby I had three high risk pregnancies. His office staff are great too.
  • Dr. Jacoby is dr bary Flemings co partner. He also sat in on my csection. Love them both.
  • Fleming I’m not as thrilled with, but Dr jacoby is amazing.
  • Dr bary fleming. WONDERFUL

Northern Bay Women’s Health Center
6100 Windcom Court, Plano
Dr Irwin Endelman

Plano Healthcare for Women
5940 W Parker Road, Plano

  • Dr Gwen Webster was recommended to me as a fantastic Plano based OBGYN for high risk pregnancies by my dallas based OBGYN (had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy). We’ve been through a miscarriage, D&C and I’m now 30 weeks pregnant. She’s incredibly knowledgable and calming.
  • I had Dr. Webster, too! Had a great experience with her.
  • I currently go to Dr Gwen Webster. I love her and she is very knowledgeable however lately the waits have been really long and she has seemed distracted. I feel like she has too many patients or it could just be summer craziness? I will see how it goes in the fall but I might look for another doctor.

Texas Premier OBGYN Center
5934 W Parker Road, Plano

I love my ob Dr. Zarmina Aman. I had her with my high risk pregnancy. Will be using her again for all future pregnancies.

Specialized Women’s Healthcare
3804 W. 15th St, Plano

Dr. Jenell watts. She is awesome!

Plano Women’s Heathcare
1600 Coit Rd, Plano
Dr. Amy Mos

North Texas Perinatal Associates
Medical Center of Plano, 3901 W. 15th St

  • Go to an MFM specialist (perinatologist). Dr Brown Elliott is excellent.
  • I love love love Carol Brown Elliott. Apparently some don’t because of her bedside manner. You know what her bedside manner is? Like an old girlfriend! I personally loved that and actually miss going to see her. At 34 weeks she did my last ultrasound and put baby at 6lbs 6oz. Told me to schedule for three weeks out, if I made it that long (baby was big so I think she agreed I was further along). Five days later my water broke & he weighed 6lbs 6oz. I told my regular OB right as soon as they told me that and she said she was going to have to text Carol. Again, I just loved her personality and she’s considered one of the best around. My husband loved chatting with her as well.

Erin Koster, MD, PA
6130 W. Parker Rd, Plano

  • Dr. Erin Koster. Such great bedside
  • Dr. Erin Koster is fantastic!
  • I second Dr. Erin Koster! Way back 8 years ago when my pregnancy became high risk I really liked going to see her!

Associated Women’s Healthcare
1600 Coit Road, Plano

Dr. Cindy Hartley at medical center of Plano.

UT Southwestern
7601 Preston Road, Plano

I love Dr. Ashley Zink at UT Southwestern! Her office is at Children’s Hospital in Plano! Used her twice and felt so comfortable with her! She was with me the entire process.