A reader was looking for recommendations for an ENT for tubes. The moms were very helpful with their recommendations and have used these doctors for all types of issues. If you’re looking for an alternative to tubes I’d personally recommend chiropractic care as it’s done wonders for my family. You’ll find reader recommended chiropractors here.

Life isn't fun if allergies keep you inside

Life isn’t fun if allergies keep you inside

SouthWest ENT
Evan Bates at Presby Plano!!!! He’s done tubes 4 times on my children and is doing them again tomorrow on my son! He’s fantastic!!!

Ear, Nose & Throat Centers of Texas
McKinney, Allen & Plano

  • Dr. Thrasher is in Allen & McKinney and he is wonderful! The sweetest man!!! He did surgery on my son’s ears twice & both times went perfectly! We adore him!
  • Dr. Hsu. FTM best doctor ever
  • I second Dr. Hsu. He performed my total thyroidectomy and was incredible. Great bedside manner.

Dr Steven Peskind MD
West Plano

  • We’ve gone to him too. He’s great.
  • 4/5 of my kids have tubes by him! Love him and his anesthesiologist! So good with my kids.
  • Dr Peskind is AMAZING
  • Can’t say enough good things about dr peskind!

Frisco ENT for Children

  • Dr. McClay at Frisco ENT. he did our daughters tubes
  • Dr mcclay, Frisco ENT for kids.

ENT Care for Kids
Plano & Dallas

  • Dr Biavati!!! Has office in Plano and Dallas!
  • Dr Biavati! He used to be my ENT and is now my two sons.

Otolaryngology Specialists of North Texas
Plano & Dallas

  • We see Dr. Rohn. The entire office is SO nice. They can get busy sometimes, so that’s the only downfall.. but just such nice people.
  • Definitely Dr Rohn! He is so gentle and caring!!
  • Yes! Dr Rohn is awesome! Not pushy at all and will answer all questions concerns beforehand!
  • We used Dr Rohn for ear tubes. He is great!
  • Dr Rohn….hands down…5 sets of tubes, full sinus surgery, adenoids, tonsils & frenulum for my family!
  • gree! We had to have 2 sets of tubes and love him! The first set at 8 months after 5 ear infections in a row and he had a burst ear drum at the time no one knew about. It went great
  • We have seen both Dr Rohn and Dr McClay. I think they are both good.

Collin County ENT
Dr. Ewen Tseng. Worked on my son and then on me! He is great!!! Offices in Plano and frisco

Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Texas
Frisco, McKinney & Plano

  • Dr Neelesh Mehendale. My boys have had several surgeries with him and he’s very caring and a great surgeon.
  • Dr Mehendale is awesome. He preformed surgery on my son who had to get tubes and his adenoids out. On a side note, he also did my thyroid surgery. They have an audiologist onsite so that saved a bunch of time. I won’t go to another ent
  • My son saw dr. Mcduffie at the same place, really liked him, too.
  • Dr. Mehendale. We are getting a tonsillectomy in a few months.
  • Dr. Mehendale all the way. Did tubes on both my kids. My son was only 8 months when they did his. You are literally in the waiting room for maybe 5 minutes. It’s super fast and Dr. Mehendale is awesome!!
  • Dr. Mehendale or any of his partners!!!
  • I’ve had Dr bates and Dr mehendale for my kids and I prefer Dr. Mehendale. My daughter has needed some follow up visits and I’m so thankful for Dr mehendale! I tell mommas about him every chance I get.

Dr John Moore
North Dallas
He did my oldest sons tubs (now 23) all the way down to ear surgeries on my youngest (11). He is amazing with kids.

  • Dr. Champion at Presbyterian Allen. She’s great. Performed surgery on both my kids.
  • I second dr champion!!! Shes wonderful. Has seen all 4 of my kids

Dr. Amy Coffey
She is fantastic!!