Looking for a nanny or babysitter? Join the club! This question has come up a few times, so I’ve compiled the reader suggestions.  If you have family in town and they love to care for your kids, I hope you’ve counted your blessings today!  If you’re just looking for a night out check the Drop-In Childcare & Parents Night Out post.


Choose The Right Nanny
headquartered in Frisco, TX (nationwide placement)

  • CTR Nanny is a reputable nanny placement agency.
  • Check with Glenda Strange at Collin College. She runs the teacher program. She can post a notice


SeekingSitters Dallas North
I used to work for them. Great people.


  • You might want to try the NextDoor app. The one for my area always has several postings about neighborhood college-age or high school-age sitters looking for babysitting jobs. At least that way it would be in your home and you’d know it was a local, trusted neighbor over a stranger.
  • NextDoor is like Facebook for your neighborhood – you have to prove you live there to join, and it’s free. You can post a help wanted there, or do a search, lots of parents post for their teens and older students post that they are available for babysitting/nanny jobs too.

Senior High School Early Learning Centers
All three Plano Sr. High Schools
I have the greatest luck with the Plano Sr. High students from the child development program. Each school compiles a list of their students who want to babysit. These students have to take child development classes and do rotations in the onsite preschool and in elementary schools. They are fabulous! Just go to the school websites to contact this program’s coordinator.