If you’re looking for indoor fun for school-aged kids and adults you should definitely check out Main Event Entertainment.  We’ve been to the one in Frisco more than once, and we were impressed!


Near the entrance there are billiard tables and a bar across from bowling lanes.  You can get food and drinks in either area, with wait staff.  I’m not sure how the billiard tables are reserved, but bowling is by the hour.  It’s all computerized, including the bumpers, and they even have some slide-like things for little kids to easily bowl, so even my six year old loved it (and could bowl without my assistance – a first)!


Yes, they serve adult beverages!  We ate while the kids bowled

Beyond bowling and billiards it gets noisier.  There are two sections of arcade games, indoor mini golf, a “ropes” course (up in the air, with a harness) and (the reason we went) a two-story laser tag area.  You have to be at least 48″ tall to participate in laser tag, so my little kid and I played games while everyone else did a few rounds of laser tag (20 minute sessions with some prep time before, so 30 minutes a round).  There are lots of arcade games, and several that involve using your body, so it’s not just shooting stuff.  You pay for games via a card, which tracks the points you win.  You can use the points to pick out a prize (typical stuff kids love and parents hate).

IMG_8409 IMG_8413

In addition to our two kids we brought five other 10 year olds along, celebrating our big kid’s birthday.  Not enough for an official birthday party, but Main Event was very accommodating.  We were able to reserve our laser tag times by pre-paying, and they had great recommendations regarding how to make sure we had time/space to bowl.  So if you’re looking to plan something special, just ask.  They can probably help.  And they were fine with us bringing in cupcakes (which were from Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop – also great, just make sure you go in early as they sell out)!  If you have experience with this or other Main Event locations please share via a comment.

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