Looking for an alternative to laser tag? GatSplat Indoor Paintball is a fun spot for your rambunctious kids, and maybe a few adults too. We celebrated my son’s 13th birthday there recently, and the kids all had a fun and sweaty time.


Before looking into GatSplat my view of paintball was that it was really mess and painful. Thankfully neither was true. They use 50-caliber paintball guns that are lighter and shoot a smaller paintball that doesn’t sting as much. You can also rent coveralls and padding (the Protection Package), which we opted to do. In hindsight it wasn’t really necessary, and most kids there didn’t use them, but they looked good!

Once you’ve paid to play you can stay as long as you’d like. For us this was when they ran out of ammunition! We opted to pre-pay to get the lower rate, and then purchased 1,000 paint balls to share between the six boys. That was a good amount as when it ran out they were all tired, and the adults were ready to go too.


Like laser tag, you watch a safety video and then they set you loose. The employees call participants into one of the two arenas based on wristband color. You can have a private party or just show up and play.


There are plenty of picnic tables if you want to celebrate a party there, or just have something to eat. You can bring in drinks, food and cake and there is a nearby pizza place that delivers. We brought a cooler full of bottled water and they drank it all. They were glad for the short breaks and food but also excited to get back in for another round.



A few other details:

  • Waivers are required, and available online.
  • In my opinion, any school-aged child who wants to play would enjoy this, my 8 year old wanted nothing to do with it, but that’s just his personality.
  • Outside food and beverages are allowed, and our kids loved the pizza we had delivered.
  • There is no minimum number for a birthday party, just reserve your spots online.
  • A helmet with eye shield is included, the Protection Package of coveralls and padding is $10/person.
  • Reserve online for $25/person (100 paintballls) or pay the full $39.95/person (300 paintballs)

GatSplat Indoor Paintball
582 E State Hwy 121, Lewisville
4720 Industrial St, Rowlett
prices quoted are as of November 2016