A new Bricks & Minifigs used Lego store opened in Plano (Grand Opening is tomorrow, 9/26) and we checked it out last weekend! I had a tough time getting my little kid to leave, and my big kid had lots of questions when we got home.


Like the “regular” Lego Store, Bricks & Minifigs sells sets (new and used) and loose Legos. Unlike the regular store these loose Legos are totally random. You never know what you might find, and digging is half the fun (and creating while you dig, of course). You can purchase loose bricks in a container or two bag sizes, and Minifigs you make are sold per “person” or you get a deal on three.



The used sets are assembled (so you can see they have the parts) and some do not include the minifigures. They also sell various sizes of boards, boat hulls, wheels, Duplo blocks, and even a few Lego-compatible pieces.



The store is owned by a local father. He’s a veteran and wanted to do start a business┬áthat kept him near home and could involve his two kids. He plans on hosting events and has a birthday party room too, complete with a long track for racing Lego cars! Grab your Lego fans and go check it out!


Bricks & Minifigs
7224 Independence Pkwy, Plano