If you’ve got a large group of kids in mind for a birthday party, a movie theater party is a great option. My son went to a party at the West Plano Cinemark over Thanksgiving break and it was all held inside the theater! They had a long table up front with cake and favors and the kids (and whoever else felt like staying) sat wherever they wanted! When I left that was the very back row for my son and a bunch of other boys.


Cinemark has a party room too, but the parents opted to have it all in one place to keep it simple. The website says you need 20 guests to rent a cinema. They do have a separate party room at the West Plano theater, but not all Cinemark theaters offer this. Here’s what the area theaters offer for birthdays:

  • Cinemark: private room or theater (early in the day, before the first public movie screening) party, minimum 20 guests
  • Studio Movie Grill: reserved section in the theater (private auditorium rental available), minimum 20 guests
  • AMC Theater: reserve a block of tickets