Do you love kitties? If the answer is yes than you need to go to The Charming Cat Cafe in Lewisville. My little cat lover and I checked it out and we’re both looking forward to going back!

Located inside the Vista Ridge Mall, you pay to visit the cat cafe and can adopt a kitty to take home or just enjoy them while you’re there. Most of the residents are kittens, and they are very eager to please! Kitties are available to adopt (they were all rescued or abandoned) and take home that day (they are all fixed and up to date on their shots) or you can just enjoy their company.
IMG_8867.JPG IMG_8880.JPG

There is a large main room, and several smaller rooms. Classical music is playing while the kitties sleep and romp. You can sit in a chair and enjoy it all (if you’re lucky someone will visit and sleep on your lap) or participate in the fun with one of the many cat toys.IMG_8903.JPG

The visitors were all ages when we visited. Young kids looking to play with a cat, teens wanting to play and laugh, adults wanting a break from it all.IMG_8904.JPG

In addition to cat toys and several large cat houses there is an awesome “hamster” wheel in one room. My son used a cat toy to entice some kitties onto it and we both had a great laugh watching them make it go around and around.


There was a small bowl of food and one litter box in one room, but the majority of the food and “facilities” are in a separate room. You can see the cat doorway in this photo below. I’ve been to other cat adoption places where everything smelled like kitty litter, but this place didn’t. It was very clean (I have more cat fur “tumbleweeds” in my house!) and didn’t smell bad.  It was a very calm, funny and peaceful place to spend an hour.IMG_8907.JPGThe Charming Cat Cafe
Vista Ridge Mall (lower level, across from Sears)
2401 S Stemmons Freeway, Lewisville
$7 for 30 minutes or $10 for one hour