My family had a Christmas photo shoot at The Parker Preserve today.  It’s a really neat park just east of Plano.  In fact, it’s such an interesting backdrop that we were sharing the space with three other photographers!  Thankfully that wasn’t an issue.


There is a field, gazebo, barn, pond, stream (my kids loved throwing in rocks), water well (thanks to an Eagle Scout), a rose garden, and even some cows behind a fence.  Plenty of interesting spots for professional or amateur photographers.  There are no bathrooms, but a few benches and a couple of picnic tables.  Hopefully we got some good shots.  We had one kid with giant, almost creepy smiles and the other with totally fake, can-we-go-home-now smiles.  Ugh.  Hopefully someday they’ll appreciate the result.

Parker1 parker3 parker5

Parker2The Parker Preserve
Gray Lane
Parker, TX