Russell Creek Park is a large and beautiful park.  There are a lot of soccer fields and four baseball fields as well as lights.  I’ve been there twice so far and will be there a bunch more as my kids are playing PSA baseball this spring!


The playground is near the pond, which has a wide sidewalk going around it (according to VeloRoutes it’s 0.6 miles), so you could easily get some exercise here before you let your kids play (bring scooters for older kids!).  There is a large fountain in the pond and we saw several ducks and one boy fishing.


One side of the playground is open to the parking lot and the other sides are grass.  There are four regular and two baby swings, several benches and picnic tables and bathrooms.  The playground has wheelchair access and the ground is covered in gravel.  There is a basketball court and a sand volleyball court nearby.

Russell3The playground equipment is pretty standard.  Nothing really stood out to me but the surroundings are so nice I didn’t care (and neither did my son).

russell4 russell5

Russell Creek Park
3500 McDermott, Plano
park map (PDF)