My big kid had baseball practice tonight at Eldorado Park, so my little kid and I checked out the playground.  It was a beautiful evening, so there were a bunch of kids there having a great time.  The park has three benches and three picnic tables covered by a shade pavilion, so plenty of places to sit and watch your kids play.  This isn’t a great park for kids who like to run off as there is no fence and a small creek runs next to the park.  It would not be fun to constantly chase a child there!

There is a small play structure for your little ones with two baby swings, plus one of those fun communication things where you can talk into one and listen in the other (we tried it out and worked perfectly).


equipment for little ones

The structure for the big kids is a nice size with some interesting stuff to play, monkey bars and three slides.  There are also six big kid swings.


I thought the periscope was the coolest thing there.  You can see it peeking up over the fish on this photo, with a table and benches underneath:


There is one “horse” to ride and one small spinning thing in the woodchips plus another spinning thing you can hang on (top right of this photo):


The creek splits the playground with the sports fields.  There is a bridge connecting the two.  The land slopes down a bit to get to the creek, so a small child investigating might roll down into the water.  We did see one pair of ducks while we were there, and one child having a great time exploring the creek.  So it’s a positive, or a negative, depending on how you look at it!

Eldorado5There is a water fountain there but it wasn’t working.  There are no bathrooms.

Eldorado Park
park map (PDF)
1704 Iowa Drive, Plano