I love it when I can accomplish more than one thing without getting back in my car, especially if there are little kids involved.  Coyote Creek Park is one of these places, since it shares a parking lot with the Parr Library!  You can visit the park and attend a library event, without buckling anyone back into a car seat.  And there is a 0.45 mile trail too.  Score!


There are actually two little playgrounds at the park, separated by a bridge over a creek (hence the park name).  The playground you can see from Communications Parkway is the one for older kids.  There is a pavilion, lots of benches and picnic tables, working water fountains, shade, and the trail (a great spot for scooters or bikes).  The playground isn’t near the road (plus there is a fence) but it is near the creek (but there are plenty of trees, so as long as you position yourself in the right spot your kids will be fine).

coyote2There are four regular and two baby swings in this section as well as several interesting slides, some varied-height stools, a giant (make my big kid puke) spinning thing, curved monkey bars and a spider-web like climbing structure.

coyote3Cross the bridge and you’ll get to a neighborhood and a smaller playground designed for younger kids.  There are two more baby swings in this section, and another bench.  The playground has a little hidden table, a rock climbing wall, more slides and one of those communication things (the modern version of two cans and a string).

coyote4 coyote5

Live in this neighborhood and you can walk to a playground *and* the library. Such a great little spot!

Coyote Creek Park
5801 Communications Parkway, Plano
park map (PDF)