Carpenter Park is mostly soccer fields, with two sets of playground equipment on either side of the recreation center.  Playground #1 is on the north side and near the rec center parking lot.  It is the larger of the two playgrounds.


There are several slides, two regular and two baby swings, some benches and large trees.  There is the base of a pavilion but no top.  There are no water fountains or bathrooms.  The equipment is accessible via a wheelchair and completely surrounded by playing fields.

Carpenter2 Carpenter3

The second playground is near Bluebonnet Trail.  The equipment is smaller, but there is a bathroom.  One side of the playground is near the parking lot.  There are two baby and two kid swings.  You can easily walk from one playground to the other, but your kids might complain (I know my little kid would say it’s a far walk).

Carpenter4 Carpenter5

Carpenter Park
park map (PDF)
6701 Coit Road, Plano