Caddo Park has a great little wheelchair-friendly playground that’s mostly fenced in and not near the street.  It is next to Davis Elementary School and the kids use it during recess, so you’ll need to wait until after school gets out or weekends to enjoy this playground.  The best place to park is Pinehurst Drive.

Caddo1There are no benches near the playground, just a pavilion nearby with some fun varied-height cement “seats” and a plaque that says “Nod’s Playground.”  Does anyone know the meaning behind this?

Caddo5The playground has a gravel base, a great twisty slide, some interactive boards (including a musical one) and several smaller slides.  There are no bathrooms or water fountains.  There is a creek nearby, but not close enough to be overly concerned about if you’ve got runners.

Caddo3Caddo4Caddo Park
park map (PDF)
2701 Round Rock Trail, Plano
the playground is on Pinehurst Dr.