We wanted to check out another park today so we went to Archgate Park in Plano.  We had been there a lot for soccer games last fall, but never ventured to the playground.  It’s awesome!


The playground has a fence on one side, a short wall on the side near the entrance and a soccer field on the other.  It’s a good spot for wanderers as it takes a little effort to get to anything dangerous (parking lot).  There are eight big kid and four baby swings, several benches and covered picnic tables.  There is a water fountain but it doesn’t work.  There are bathrooms in another section of the park (by the main soccer fields), but it’s not a short walk for someone with short legs.  You can see them on this map (PDF).

The playground equipment has some shades, and the standard one structure for 2-5 year old kids and another for 5-12 year old kids.  There are several interesting things on the equipment including a rock climbing wall, wobbly bridge, rope ladder-like climbing structure, talk/listen tubes, musical chimes and a steering wheel with gears.

archgate2 archgate3 archgate4

My favorite part of the playground was this awesome rock.  You can either climb up one side or walk onto it from the playground equipment.


There is also a fenced in basketball court next to the playground, and a pond.  We didn’t see any ducks, just three boys exploring.


Archgate Park
park map
6700 Archgate Drive, Plano