Are you looking for tutoring or academic enrichment for your child? Explore-Horizons opened their first DFW center in March 2014 and now has five area locations (Plano opened a year ago), but they are not a new company. They were founded in England in 2001. We checked them out last week and enjoyed our time with Matt, the one Brit in the office (who attempted to teach my seven year old how to speak with a British accent…with mixed results!).


The center is open, bright and welcoming (and will soon have a Baskin-Robbins next door – beware!). We were there after school and a handful of kids were happily working with a tutor.

Matt showed us their lizard-themed wall where kids mark their progress, and the prize cabinet (full of several things my son would love). Then we sat down and he walked my son through a math program and a reading lesson. He was very complimentary and encouraging. My son enjoyed his time there and gave the place two thumbs up (he said the things on their computers were better than what he used at school).


Explore-Horizons offers math, reading and writing for PreK (age 4) through the 8th grade. They also offer a weekly Writing Explorers Club (3rd grade+), Math Investigators Club (4th grade+) and an Advanced Communications Club (debate/presenting/essay writing, 5th grade+). These clubs were intriguing to me. I also liked their focus on ACE – Asking for help, Concentration and Effort. They want to help kids be more confident in participating at school as well as seeing them advance academically.

All of their tutors are certified, so they are experts in Texas curriculum as well as teaching techniques. They work on getting to know each child as an individual, and help them reach specific goals whether they are to gain confidence, make academic progress, or enjoy learning more so they develop self-motivation. Centers are open seven days/week (yeah!) and kids go on a drop-in basis for 75 minutes up to twice a week (the three clubs are at specific times).


The Prize Cabinet (for achievements) and the Recharge Zone (fun stuff kids get to play with after their 1-hour session).

If you want to learn more, check out this YouTube video that includes parent and student testimonials, call or go online to schedule a free trial session, or register for their Math Methods Open House this Wednesday, November 4th from 7-8pm. And tell them that Suzanne at Plano Area Moms sent you!

6921 Independence Pkwy, Plano map