Mom and little kid week continued yesterday with a visit to The COOP in Frisco, a fun indoor play space for toddlers, preschoolers and other young children.


Located in Frisco Square, this large, open space is very colorful and full of natural light.  There is a large lobby area with tables (one with a giant paper roll and crayons) and snacks, and a large play area.  The two are separated by a gate, so no one is going to escape.

The play area has a giant ball pit with slides (my son’s favorite part), a large dance pad, a bounce house, several wooden toys/puzzels and books on a fake grass carpet, riding/bouncing toys, and a separate little room with a wooden play house in it (the owner told me she’s installing one of those awesome magnetic ball maze things in there this week).

coop2 coop3


Play for a while, then go back to the lobby area for a snack.  They have healthy snacks and coffee too.  We took a break and did some drawing.

coop4Kids go barefoot and adults wear socks.  If you forget, like me, they will sell you a pair you’ll actually want to wear again!  They are closed on weekends for birthday parties (they will also bring the party to your house, if you prefer), so check it out during the week.  (prices as of summer 2016) Open Play is $10/child (ages 1 yr+), except Tuesdays it’s $8. Adults are free. They also offer monthly passes.

8802 Coleman Blvd, Frisco map