My little kid and I checked out the Frisco play street museum yesterday (check my review of the Plano play street museum), and we both had so much fun!  It’s a small creative/imaginative indoor play place designed for kids ages eight and under.  My little kid turns seven in a few days and he loved it.

PlaySt1The bulk of the museum is a kid-sized town.  There is a house (with kitchen, food, table), a veterinary office (with stuffed dogs and cats, exam table, sink, leashes, grooming supplies), a doctors office (with scale, lab coats, stethoscope, crutches, x-ray, eye chart), a school (with desks, backpacks, chalkboard),  a restaurant (with kitchen, booth, register, money, food, take-out window), a fire station (with uniforms, slide), a bank (with keyboard, blazer, desk, customer window) and more.  The doorways are kid-sized, but don’t worry, once you get inside it’s tall, so you won’t be walking out of there hunched over!



In the middle of the “town” is a green carpet (town green?) with a school bus and fire truck (with hose) kids can ride on and drive.  The opportunities to pretend are everywhere – doctor, fireman, business person, teacher, clerk, chef, bus driver, dog groomer.



In addition to the town there are several other creative play and craft areas including Duplo Legos, kinetic sand, wooden and magnetic blocks, an awesome ball maze you can build (we’ve seen several like this, but none have worked as well…so much fun!), a craft table with markers and colored tape and some weird sticky stuff I thought was neat by my son didn’t really like (felt too strange).




kidst8a kidst9a

They have several places adults can sit (plus a few magazines to read), healthy snacks for sale and there is a frozen yogurt place next door. Admission is $11 for kids ages 1-8 (which includes a “wooden dollar” for a snack).  They host private birthday parties, and are typically closed all weekend for this reason. Check their website for special events, and I recommend you get there early as they do have parents wait in their little lobby to make sure the “town” doesn’t get too crowded.


Play Street Museum
5729 Lebanon Road, Frisco map
$11 for ages 1-8 (includes a healthy snack)
between Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt and Subway