My family got invited to Sci-Tech Discovery Center to see the new Makerspace¬†this past weekend, and my older son wasn’t feeling it. It was going to be “stupid” and “boring,” but he came anyways because the alternative was to stay home and clean the house. Boy was he wrong!


Makerspace is a totally new and separate part of the museum, and it’s amazing. Once you’ve paid admission to Sci-Tech you can sign your kids up for a 30-minute program inside Makerspace. You don’t just go back there and mess around, it’s a guided program with a specific project.


During the grand opening they had several projects going in there. First my kids made mini golf obstacles out of plumbing supplies and then tried to putt through them. There were actually several progressions of these as they went back and forth between the building area and the putting area to try out a new idea. The volunteers were awesome, and reminded me of my dad – so curious and wanting to solve problems. My dad would have made a fantastic Makerspace volunteer!



While this was going on my older son started checking out the littleBits sets. He was trying to make something that would automatically cause a counter to count down. He wasn’t successful, but I think with some guidance he’d figure it out. Another kid successfully made a car that could move.


Later we make derby cars out of various scraps of wood, plumbing supplies and plastic wheels. One of the volunteers operated the drill and my kids used the screwdrivers. Then, of course, they had to race them on the custom track several times.





Think of Makerspace as the garage of your favorite handyman (or woman). Tons of power and hand tools, lots of supplies, and plenty of space to work. How cool is that? Here’s the summer programming, happening Monday – Saturday through August 29, 2016:


11am: Planes, Trains & Automobiles, ages 3-9
Assemble a car, truck, airplane or train. First time makers get hands-on design and build experience using actual hand tools in our custom construction kits.

1pm: Circuits, Computers & Programming, ages 9-12
This session is an introduction to electronic design using circuits, programming, coding and the Arduino hardware platform. The design possibilities are limitless with these dynamic circuit kits.

2pm Maker Mini Golf Obstacle, ages 7-13
Work hands-on with different materials to construct your own obstacles on our MakerMini Golf Course Test Hole! Help construct an obstacle that will stump the pros using basic hand tools and saws to design, build and test your obstacles.

3pm: Speaker Construction, ages 9-13
Ever wonder how a speaker works? Learn the fundamentals of sound and construct your own speaker. Control variables to create your own unique sound!

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff in the future. They had signs up that a Full Spectrum Laser Cutter is coming in September, and a 3D printer in July.

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Sci-Tech Discovery Center
8004 North Dallas Parkway, Frisco
programs are included with admission