If you’re looking for an old-school arcade, the kind that involves actual coins and paper prize tickets, get yourself to Nickel Mania in Carrollton! There are tons of fun games and the usual assortment of “prizes” and unlike some arcades there is some natural light, so you won’t feel like you’re off in a cave (or in Las Vegas).


You pay an admission fee (currently $1.95/person) and then just play.  Games take nickels (they have plenty), and the ones we were playing took between 2-8 per game.  I got $5 in nickels per child, and that was plenty for the three of us.


You can either play, watch, or take a seat at the picnic tables by the entrance or in the back.


When you’re done playing you take your tickets to the “ticket eating” machine then select your “prize.”  My kids opted for 2 gags and 4 plastic cowboys and Indians.  Dad was a good sport when they pulled the gags on him that evening.



The prizes

Their website says they offer coupons on their Facebook page, so you might want to check that out.

Nickel Mania
2661 Midway Rd, Carrollton map