The boys and I checked out the brand new National Videogame Museum in Frisco after school today, and it was so old school! I think my favorite parts were the the giant Pong game:IMG_5525.JPG

And the 80s bedroom and family room. Both were so detailed!

IMG_5547.JPG IMG_5530.JPG

This 10,000 square foot museum is full of thing to see (displays of old video consoles, various videogame artifacts from all eras) and tons of things to do. You can play of old video games and even attempt to use old home computer gaming systems. You can show your kids what video games used to look like, how slow dial-up connections were, and all the cool games you played as a kid.


Game artifacts…these displays will be changed out as they have a lot more to show than they have space


See 50 different video game consoles, and read about them (including the prices)


Play games in Head-to-Head Hall


Try out these old home computer game systems.


“Dial up” and send messages from one computer to another


Play with the handheld games

There is also a small arcade, and you get some tokens with your admission. See if you can make the champions board!

IMG_5537.JPG IMG_5548.JPG

They plan to start offering birthday parties this summer (pricing available around June) as well as camps, corporate and other group outings. Watch for hands-on workshops utilizing their collaboration with Southern Methodist University’s Guild Hall videogame programming degree curriculum.

National Videogame Museum
8004 North Dallas Parkway, Frisco
(same building as Sci-Tech Discovery Museum)
$12 adults, $10 kids 10 and under