You probably know that Home Depot offers free classes for “do it yourselfers,” but did you know they do the same for kids?  On the first Saturday of each month they have a free “Kids Workshop” from 9am-noon where kids get to assemble a kit of some kind with the help of an adult.

Neither of my kids want to wear the apron

Neither of my kids want to wear the apron

If you’ve ever been at a Home Depot during one of these events you can always find the kids – just follow the hammering noise!  A table is set up at kid height, and a hammer is always involved.  What’s the fun of just gluing something together?  BANG BANG BANG!


Each child gets a kid-sized Home Depot apron (they even write the child’s name on it, just like the employee aprons) and a metal pin with a photo of the kit they completed – so the next month you can show up wearing the apron and pin, and get a new pin.  The kit typically requires some hammering, glue and stickers – so minimal clean up is involved.  Sometimes there is paint, so don’t wear anything too nice.

They recommend the workshops for ages 5-12, but my son did fine at age 3 1/2 (and my 11 year old will still participate, but only because his brother is doing it).  You can register online or just show up. This is such a fun activity for your young boys and girls.  Lowe’s also offers a similar program with their Build & Grow workshops but advanced registration is required.  Watch the PAM Calendar for upcoming Saturday workshops so your kid can practice their hammering skills and get an apron!