My older son is a military fanatic, especially when it comes to anything WWII. He’s got stacks of books, posters, models, modified Lego minifigures and loves the History and Military Channels. He’s such a fan that we took him to the WWII Museum in New Orleans when he turned 10 (read about that trip here). So naturally, we’ve already been to the Frontiers of Flight Museum more than once, but you don’t have to be a superfan, or a kid, to enjoy this place.


Before you even pay admission there are planes to check out. Several military aircraft, a helicopter and a giant Southwest plane sticking out of the building.

Inside you’ll find exhibits that detail the history of flight – from hot air balloons to spacecraft to commercial airlines.


Checking out an exhibit of old airplane and rocket toys


Some exhibits cover a lot of ground and include uniforms, models, photos, newspaper clippings and more. Best of luck getting your kids to stop long enough so you can actually read all this! It’s great information but really more for the adults than the kids.


There are plenty of planes inside to see. You can’t climb inside (except on Open Cockpit days) but they are still amazing.
IMG_1878 IMG_1884

There are several exhibits on commercial aircraft, including some fashion history when it comes to flight attendant uniforms. If you enjoy marketing, like me, you’ll love reading some of the old advertisements and the stories of how Southwest made a name for themselves using a very different marketing approach.

Towards the end of the museum is the kid area, and it’s great fun. We had a tough time pulling our kids away!


You can climb inside this tower

IMG_1898 IMG_1899


They host birthday parties there, with cake being served in this area.


There are a few interactive kid exhibits towards the end of the museum, which are great for school-aged kids.

The museum also hosts camps, school groups and offers Boy Scout Merit Badge clinics. Watch their website and the PAM Calendar for special events like Open Cockpit days, Moon Day, special aircraft visits and more (they even had a Star Wars Day in 2015).

Frontiers of Flight Museum
6911 Lemmon Ave, Dallas