The Amazing Butterflies traveling exhibit is at the Sci-Tech Discovery Museum in Frisco through September.  I took the boys to check it out this morning.  I was hoping for some real butterflies, but we enjoyed the various interactive exhibits and I didn’t lose anyone in the maze.


Once you enter the maze it’s time to start reading.  Various areas have nice graphics and text (including poems) where you can learn about butterflies.  There are also games that include throwing and climbing.  It’s very temping for kids to just rush through (or run through) the maze and skip all the actual exhibits, so keep that in mind as depending on your kids that might be fun and it might just be frustrating for you.

IMG_2561.JPG IMG_2560.JPG IMG_2562.JPG

There are also some pretty funny photo opportunities.  My little kid enjoyed posing inside the chrysalis, as bird food, and as a caterpillar trapped in a plant.

IMG_2559.JPG IMG_2563.JPG IMG_2537.JPG

You can read more about the exhibit and watch a 30-second commercial on this website.  The maze is included with admission.  You can read my review of the Sci-Tech Discovery Center here.

Sci-Tech Discovery Center
8004 N. Dallas Parkway, Frisco map